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	I've searched the archives and have not found any e-mails talking about
adding the XSERVERINFO extension which is needed to make mozilla mail
show the "permissions" button when viewing a folders properties.
Apparently if the imap server supports the XSERVERINFO extension and
returned a url for the MANAGEACCOUNTURL argument they then provide the
button which justs opens a browser window and surfs to the specified url
so that you can then share the folder, etc.

	I'm looking to add the XSERVERINFO extension to cyrus imap and was
wondering if anyone else has worked on this or has any desire to see
this feature added.  I'm planning on adding it like the X-NETSCAPE
extension was done so that the user compiling cyrus imap has to
explicitly enable it.

	When done this feature will be used in the Kroupware/Kolab project
along with Horde/IMP and Mozilla Mail.

	Thanks for any feedback, etc.

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