Sharing Folders in Mozilla Mail

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Thu Jul 3 15:26:05 EDT 2003

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, James A. Pattie wrote:

> 	I've searched the archives and have not found any e-mails talking about
> adding the XSERVERINFO extension which is needed to make mozilla mail
> show the "permissions" button when viewing a folders properties.
> Apparently if the imap server supports the XSERVERINFO extension and
> returned a url for the MANAGEACCOUNTURL argument they then provide the
> button which justs opens a browser window and surfs to the specified url
> so that you can then share the folder, etc.

So, uh, why can't the clients just implement the standardized ACL
extention and take care of manging the folders that way?  Having a website
URL to manage the folder ACLs sounds like a hideous hack.

> 	I'm looking to add the XSERVERINFO extension to cyrus imap and was
> wondering if anyone else has worked on this or has any desire to see
> this feature added.  I'm planning on adding it like the X-NETSCAPE
> extension was done so that the user compiling cyrus imap has to
> explicitly enable it.

As it is the X-NETSCAPE hack is pretty ugly.  Its basicly only there so
that older netscape IMAP clients won't claim that the server is
*defective* when it doesn't advertise a *nonstandard* extention.  For
example, see the following urls:

With no specifications to go on, I'm really hesitant to even begin to
think about adding another such non-standard extention.  If clients really
think there is a demand for this, I encourage them to pursue such
extentions through the IETF.


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