Please help me to set up a mail server system.

Anders Norrbring anders at
Fri Jul 4 07:04:07 EDT 2003

First of all, sorry about cross-posting in all lists, but I'm kind of
desperate for help.

I'm trying to set up a system for one of my customers, the system is a SuSE
Linux 8.2 Pro and will be used as a web server and mail server hotel.  The
web server is solved, but not the mail.  I'm not at all familiar with mail
systems unfortunately, therefore I'm turning to you in the lists for help,
either directly or if you can point me to where I can read more etc.

Ideally, the whole system, both web, ftp and mail would have one "real" *nix
user as administrator for the virtual domain, then all mail accounts
belonging to that domain should all be virtual, no "real" user on the

Now on to the software, in SuSE Pro there are the following included, and we
should use those and no others, just to have a simple, no-hassle way of
updating the system:

Postfix, Cyrus-IMAPd, Cyrus-SASL and Squirrelmail.
All users, both real and virtual should be able to use pop3, IMAP and to
send mail via the system (relaying with smtp-auth).  Can all those virtual
users be easily stored in a database, MySQL or whichever?

Can all users be easily managed and administered?  The main administrator is
going to set up a virtual domain, with one admin ("real" user) and create x
numbers of virtual mail users per domain hosted on the system.

I sincerely hope you can help!

Anders Norrbring
Norrbring Consulting
Karlskoga / Sweden

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