[PROPOSAL] Sieve for shared mailboxes

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Wed Jul 9 09:06:44 EDT 2003

Rob Mueller wrote:
>>Actually, my intent wasn't to _store_ a script via IMAP ANNOTATEMORE.  I
>>was only intending to _select_ (activate) a script via the annotation.
>>I still anticipate using MANAGESIEVE to do the upload/download.
> Would it be hard to add the ability to store scripts as well? It would be
> nice to be able to access all information about an account through IMAP,
> rather than having to use several protocols.

I suppose it _might_ be possible to store an entire script as an 
annotation, but I'm not going to do it.  I'm not convinced that this 
belongs in IMAP.

> While I'm at it, could you add an annotation to tell you which partition the
> mailbox is on. As far as I can tell (and it's quite possible I'm missing
> something), once you supply the partition to the 'create' command, there's
> no way to ever find out again what partition a mailbox is actually on...

Its already part of 2.1 and 2.2.  In 2.1 you have to explicitly 
configure --enable-annotatemore and then an 'info' command in cyradm 
will give you what you want:

cyrus.andrew.cmu.edu> info inbox
   partition: u1
   server: mail2.andrew.cmu.edu

Note that the 2.1 code only supports these two read-only mailbox 
annotations hasn't been updated to the latest ANNOTATEMORE syntax.  I'm 
not sure we will bother to do any further development on ANNOTATEMORE in 
2.1 (but I'll defer to Rob on this).

In 2.2 ANNOTATEMORE support is enabled by default because we have added 
support for read-write annotations, some of which are needed by nntpd.

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