Question about Sieve and "filters"

foobar foobar at
Wed Jul 9 05:51:44 EDT 2003

Yes agreed,

I tried to hint about this while ago (see sieve & spamassassin) and Rob
said there was no proper plugin-support, it would need
COMPATIBILITY or SUPPORTED-things from timseved in login if there is not
sa supported or not and such things so it would be pretty complicated or not.

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Michael Fair wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have a general question/suggestion regarding Sieve.
> It seems to me that it would be useful to be able
> to install filter plugins that could transform
> mail messages as they were processed.
> This would be a simple command, like:
> filter :spamassassin
> This command would take the email, shove it through
> the "spamassassin" filter on standard in and read
> the email back from standard out.  On any kind of
> execution failure it would treat the filter as a
> noop and use the email as it was prior to injection.

I hate fork() and system() (not re-usable) .. maybe if it could go via
LMTP-socket or somekind (LMTP.. I don't think so).. example we could have
sieve.conf and filters-section where you could specify filter-destinations
(but then reply would need lmtp-connection back to sieve which makes it "glue")..
urgh, what about apache-module-like system which works like shine?


start_module preload everything ..
handlerX give msgreference in, return things..
end_module shutdown loaded things if needed (cleanup)..


loadmodule mod_spamassassin
<ifmodule spamassassin>

Confusing?! :-)


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