API to write to lmtp directly

lst_hoe at kwsoft.de lst_hoe at kwsoft.de
Thu Jul 10 05:27:31 EDT 2003

Zitat von Ramprasad A Padmanabhan <ramprasad at netcore.co.in>:

> It is not that my server is getting loaded up because of the mails.
> After I limt the number of concurrent lmtp connections I am able to
> reduce the db lock errors to a great extent. Now I have set max lmtp
> processes as 100 , But what will happen if my user mailboxes grow to
> 4000 from todays 850 then the mails will be delayed forever. By the time
> there will be the next batch to process.
> So I thought if there was a way of directly writing to lmtp and to all
> mailboxes at the same time I will do better

You have not read my previous posts?

- Reduce the concurrency of lmtp to a low number (2 - 4) because for delivering
to one Storage it gains you nothing to use high concurrency.

- Don´t use the "local" transport from postfix because with this you get one
recipient per mail deliver. Use transport maps and virtual maps for aliase
expansion to get multiple recipients per mail.



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