Very slow deletion of user mailboxes?

Andrew McNamara andrewm at
Wed Jul 9 19:58:22 EDT 2003

>We're having a problem where deletion of a user by the admin is taking
>about 30 seconds. I've attached an abreviated truss of the imapd while
>this is taking place. It shows a long string of:

A more detailed truss:

fstat(5, 0xFFBEEAF0)                            = 0
stat("/mail/vmb1/var/mailboxes.db", 0xFFBEEA68) = 0
fcntl(5, F_SETLKW, 0xFFBEEAE0)                  = 0
        typ=F_UNLCK  whence=SEEK_SET start=0     len=0     sys=0  pid=68157445
fcntl(5, F_SETLKW, 0xFFBEE9C8)                  = 0
        typ=F_RDLCK  whence=SEEK_SET start=0     len=0     sys=33152 pid=0

All the locks have start=0, len=0.

>mailboxes.db is a bit under 2MB, and contains around 10k entries (as
>counted by "ctl_mboxlist -d | wc -l").

I wonder if the fact that there are 10k entries in mailboxes.db, and
10k iterations through the above loop is a coincidence? It would suggest
something pathological has happened to our skiplist, and it's devolving
to a linear search?

Andrew McNamara, Senior Developer, Object Craft

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