Log message: No worthy mechs found

Scott Bronson bronson at rinspin.com
Wed Jul 9 16:24:52 EDT 2003

I have tons of log messages (level=notice, log=auth) from "perl"

    Jul  8 11:26:46 eden cyrus/imapd[30661]: DIGEST-MD5 server step 2
    Jul  8 11:26:46 eden perl: DIGEST-MD5 client step 3
    Jul  9 10:33:22 eden perl: No worthy mechs found

Well, this sure sounds SASL-related, not Perl.  :)  Does anybody know
what it is trying to tell me?  My mail system appears to work fine.

My imapd.conf says:

    sasl_mech_list: pam

Is this wrong?

Either way, I can log in and perform all IMAP transactions just fine.
But I WOULD like to know how to make this log message go away.


    - Scott

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