Cyrus support for multiple client access?

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Jul 10 09:22:51 EDT 2003

Sascha Schnitzler wrote:
> Hi,
> we need an IMAP-Server where multiple Clients can access one Mailbox. 

Any IMAP server MUST provide this as part of the specification.

> Does Cyrus provide this with the "Shared-Folder" feature?

Yes.  It provides this with any folder, provided that the ACL is set 

> To be more specific, this means we have a mailbox where our customer 
> sends mail to and about 9 people should be able to be connected to this 
> mailbox seeing the incoming messages and those, that have been answererd 
> or seen). Of course, they should be able to answer, delete or move mails.

Well, seen state is per user, so you won't know if someone else read the 
message.  If you allow all of these users to store message flags ('w' 
right), then you will know when someone else replied via the \Answered 
flag.  Similarly, allowing the 'd' right will allow the messages to be 
marked as \Deleted.

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