logsurfer kills cyrus

gshumway at cityextreme.com gshumway at cityextreme.com
Thu Jul 10 19:14:23 EDT 2003

I have an issue where logsurfer regularly kills the master 
cyrus daemon.. 

If an event occurs which causes logsurfer to generate a few 
thousand messages and sends them to my cyrus server, it seems 
lmtp falls over and never recovers. I have to restart the 
master daemon each time.

I figure if i can DOS myself then someone elso could do it as 
well..   Are there any tuning / performance / mail bomb 
protection measures i can look at ? 

I have set a confMAX_QUEUE_RUN_SIZE = 1000 in sendmail but 
this does not seem to make any difference.. Sendmail seems to 
handle the load fine, its just when cyrus tries to deliver 
the mail that things fall apart. 


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