crash recovering

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at
Fri Jul 11 06:42:10 EDT 2003

hello list,

can anyone explain me how to recover from a crash.

expect we have only the mail-files (xxx.) and no
header, index or cache files, also expect the central
mailbox file doesn't know anything of the user we want
to recover, how can i do that.

when i go into the mail-directory, eg. /var/spool/imap
and i try to reconstruct with 'reconstruct -r -f'
nothing happens.

as i understood the documentation, all i need to do is to
call 'reconstruct -r -f ..', and then 'ctl-cyrusdb -r'.
in my case it doesn't work.

do i need to go inside then inbox of the user?

anything else to pay attention for.

Redhat 7.3 
cyrus-imap: 2.1.12-3
(from simon matter 

cyrus-sasl: 2.1.12-2

thankx for all answers


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