Detail notation questions

Pat Lashley patl+cyrus at
Sat Jul 12 05:48:59 EDT 2003

What does lmtpd do when presented with an address which includes detail
notation for a sub-mailbox that doesn't exist?

Assume that there are mailboxs 'user.mumble.inbox', '',
and ''.  When lmtpd is presented with the address
'', it will deliver to  But what
does it do if given 'mumble+foo.oops' ?

I know, I could just try it and see; but what I'm really looking for
is some official statement that "this is what it should do; and you
can expect it to continue to do so."  (Or, "this is what it does now,
but when somebody has the time to implement it, we'd really like it
to do that instead.")

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