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Ken Murchison ken at
Sat Jul 12 08:12:55 EDT 2003

Pat Lashley wrote:
> What does lmtpd do when presented with an address which includes detail
> notation for a sub-mailbox that doesn't exist?
> Assume that there are mailboxs 'user.mumble.inbox', '',
> and ''.  When lmtpd is presented with the address
> '', it will deliver to  But what
> does it do if given 'mumble+foo.oops' ?

If there is any type of delivery failure with a detailed address 
(nonexistent submailbox, restrictive ACL, etc), the messages will be 
delivered into the user's INBOX (provided that it exists and isn't 

There is no such fallback when trying to deliver directly to a shared 

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