Is it possible to store user contact/ address book in imap server?

Ted Fines fines at
Mon Jul 14 11:36:16 EDT 2003

What  you want is the IMSP server (also a Cyrus project).  It is a remote 
preferences and address book server.  With it, users can access their 
address books from anywhere.  The remote preferences aspect of it preserves 
their interface customizations so they get the same look & feel wherever 
they login from, and allows sysadmins to do a great deal of 

You may hear about ACAP.  Forget that, and setup IMSP.

You'll need a client that supports IMSP.  Few do.  Execmail is one, but 
I've never used it.  The only other one I know of is Mulberry 
(, but it is an excellent email client.


--On Monday, July 14, 2003 11:06 PM +0800 daniel qian <daniel at> 

>  I wonder if there is a solution of this for Cyrus Imap like MS Outlook
> with  Exchange. Many of my users like to have it because they access
> their email  both from office and home but they only want to maintain one
> copy of their  contacts.
>  Best Regards,
>  Daniel

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