sa prior to lmtp delivery

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Tue Jul 15 03:02:17 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 05:06, pnelson wrote:

> RH 9
> cyrus 2.1.13
> sasl 2.1.13
> sendmail 8,12,8
> spamassassin 2.44
> Have been using sa on my clients (evolution) and then sending the INBOX
> inbound mail to a filter that runs spamc -e to check for spam.  This
> works great.  But I would like to move this to sendmail and then use
> sieve to filter spam to my INBOX/zjunk mailbox.  The problem is I cant
> figure out how.
> How do you setup sendmail to first filter for spam and then send the
> email onto cyrus lmtp for delivery, where sieve pprocesses the email
> header for a spam line (or whatever sa does to the header).  Anyone give
> me a clue, I'm kinda lost... and feeling like it can't be done.

You can use sendmail with milter. You would find some opensource milter
wit h SA
What I use is MailScanner. The advantage is that I can do virus
scanning,sa, blocking attachments etc
Check this

Another option ofcourse is at the sieve level, I think supported in the
latest cyrus release
I havent tried it , but if it works fine let me know



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