sa prior to lmtp delivery

Joakim Ryden jryden at
Tue Jul 15 03:21:37 EDT 2003

En viss Sebastian Hagedorn skrev:
> --On Montag, 14. Juli 2003 16:36 Uhr -0700 pnelson <pnelson at>
> wrote:
>> How do you setup sendmail to first filter for spam and then send the
>> email onto cyrus lmtp for delivery, where sieve pprocesses the email
>> header for a spam line (or whatever sa does to the header).  Anyone give
>> me a clue, I'm kinda lost... and feeling like it can't be done.
> We use miltrassassin:
> <>

I have to chime in too of course... Check out spampd:

No need to run both a milter and spamd + it speaks lmtp! It rocks.


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