Is it possible to store user contact/ address book in imap server?

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Tue Jul 15 04:25:23 EDT 2003

I guess IMSP should fit naturally with Cyrus Imap but how do I do it so
that the user doesn't need to login again once he is in the client
program like Melberry?  I store user authentication credentials in
MySql.  Is it hard to get all these work together?

Best Regards,
Daniel Qian

>What  you want is the IMSP server (also a Cyrus project).  It is a
>preferences and address book server.  With it, users can access their 
>address books from anywhere.  The remote preferences aspect of it
>their interface customizations so they get the same look & feel
>they login from, and allows sysadmins to do a great deal of 

>You may hear about ACAP.  Forget that, and setup IMSP.

>You'll need a client that supports IMSP.  Few do.  Execmail is one, but

>I've never used it.  The only other one I know of is Mulberry 
>(, but it is an excellent email client.


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>>  I wonder if there is a solution of this for Cyrus Imap like MS
>> with  Exchange. Many of my users like to have it because they access
>> their email  both from office and home but they only want to maintain
>> copy of their  contacts.
>>  Best Regards,
>>  Daniel

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