Is it possible to store user contact/ address book in imap server?

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Tue Jul 15 10:07:24 EDT 2003

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Daniel Qian | =C7=AE=CA=A1=C4=CF wrote:
|>>daniel qian wrote:
|>>|  I wonder if there is a solution of this for Cyrus Imap like MS
|>>Outlook with
|>>|  Exchange. Many of my users like to have it because they access
| their
|>>|  both from office and home but they only want to maintain one copy
| of
|>>|  contacts.
|>>|  Best Regards,
|>>|  Daniel
|>Check out the kroupware project at
|>They use cyrus imapd, postfix, openldap and the kde pim packages to
|>store contacts, notes and calendar entries in the imap server.  The
|>"items" are just mime emails storing each entry's data in folders they
| Thanks for the reply. But what I want is simply a email client running
| on MS windows like Outlook (Express). Melberry seems to be a good choic=
| only it is not free source.

My boss is working on trying to get this support into Evolution and then
he was going to run evolution under windows via cygwin, ssh and the
rootless mode X windows on windows.  Would this possibly serve your purpo=

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