Unified SQL auxprop plugin

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Tue Jul 15 13:55:58 EDT 2003

I just commited a new SQL auxprop plugin (deprecating the existing MySQL 
plugin) to CVS.  This new plugin supports both MySQL and PostreSQL, and 
is easily extensible to support other database engines.  The plugin 
compiles with both MySQL and PostgreSQL code, but I have only tested the 
MySQL code path.

For those of you using the existing MySQL plugin or your own home-grown 
PgSQL plugin, I urge (at least some) of you to try this new plugin and 
report any problems.  Starting with SASL v2.1.16, this plugin will be 
the officially "blessed" one, meaning any/all patches should be against it.

To use the new plugin, you have to do the following:

- Use the --enable-sql configure option to compile the plugin and 
optionally set --with-mysql and/or --with-pgsql accordingly

- Add a 'sql_engine' option to your config file with either 'mysql' 
(default) or 'pgsql'

- Change your existing 'mysql_*' options to just 'sql_*'

- Change your existing 'auxprop_plugins' option to use 'sql' instead of 

Also note that the syntax of 'sql_hostnames' has been changed to accept 
an optional port, eg 'host:port'

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