Murder problem with Syslog

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Thu Jul 17 15:02:45 EDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Marc-Andre Gaudreau wrote:

> We have a weird problem on our Murder setup (cyrus 2.1.14 on redhat
> 7.3).  When I restart syslog on one of the backend servers, the
> frontends start to have problems and I get a bunch of error messages (on
> the frontends).  Users then see their folders as if they were empty (for
> about half the connections).  When I restart cyrus on the backend,
> everything comes back to normal.  I also have to restart cyrus on the
> frontends because restarting cyrus on the backends causes the load to go
> way up on the frontends (a few proxyd processes use a lot of cpu).
> The error message I get on the frontends is :
> "couldn't authenticate to backend server: generic failure"
> Nothing weird shows up in the logs on the backend.  Any ideas on what is
> going on?  We use DIGEST-MD5 to authenticate on the backends for the
> proxy user.

When you restart syslog on the backends, can you still authenticate
directly to the backends using, say, imtest?

It looks like something far worse happens on the backends [than restarting
syslog] causing them to no longer accept connections.


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