RESEND: Upgrade from 2.0.16 to 2.2a

Scott Adkins adkinss at
Fri Jul 18 10:55:28 EDT 2003

[NOTE: I sent this yesterday, but the message appears to have not made
 it to the list for some reason... I hope this doesn't result in copies
 of the message being posted.  Anyways, right after sending this, that
 was when version 2.2.1 was released into Beta... the question applies
 to any 2.2 version of Cyrus. ]

I was just curious if anyone out there has upgraded from a 2.0.x version
to the 2.2a version and what issues I should be looking out for when I do
that.  The 2.0.16 version we are running with has no duplicate delivery
and uses flat files for mailboxes.db, subscribe and seen files.  When we
move to 2.2a, we will be using the recommended setup, which means skiplist
for mailboxes.db and seen files, db3_nosync for dupdb and tlsdb, and flat
for subscription files.  We will be using BerkeleyDB 4.0.14 and SASL2
2.1.15 (just released).

So, any issues I should be watching out for?

Also, when we upgraded from the version 1 of Cyrus to the 2.0 series of
Cyrus, the upgrade path auto-upgraded the format of some of the files.  I
am concerned about the seen files, as we have a lot of them.  Do I have
to convert these files myself to skiplist format?

Finally, anybody out there running 2.2a in production?

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