RESEND: Upgrade from 2.0.16 to 2.2a

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Jul 18 14:36:09 EDT 2003

Scott Adkins wrote:

> [NOTE: I sent this yesterday, but the message appears to have not made
> it to the list for some reason... I hope this doesn't result in copies
> of the message being posted.  Anyways, right after sending this, that
> was when version 2.2.1 was released into Beta... the question applies
> to any 2.2 version of Cyrus. ]
> I was just curious if anyone out there has upgraded from a 2.0.x version
> to the 2.2a version and what issues I should be looking out for when I do
> that.  The 2.0.16 version we are running with has no duplicate delivery
> and uses flat files for mailboxes.db, subscribe and seen files.  When we
> move to 2.2a, we will be using the recommended setup, which means skiplist
> for mailboxes.db and seen files, db3_nosync for dupdb and tlsdb, and flat
> for subscription files.  We will be using BerkeleyDB 4.0.14 and SASL2
> 2.1.15 (just released).
> So, any issues I should be watching out for?

doc/install-upgrade.html should list most of what you need to do.

> Also, when we upgraded from the version 1 of Cyrus to the 2.0 series of
> Cyrus, the upgrade path auto-upgraded the format of some of the files.  I
> am concerned about the seen files, as we have a lot of them.  Do I have
> to convert these files myself to skiplist format?

You'll have to convert them yourself, but Rob put a quick-n-dirty way of 
doing this in the above doc.

> Finally, anybody out there running 2.2a in production?

I've been running 2.2 on my production box from the first day I starting 
writing it.  I'm pretty sure from some of the list traffic that others 
are doing so as well.

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