Problem with deliver

Chris Hilts chilts at
Fri Jul 18 12:44:26 EDT 2003

I'm using procmail to pass my incoming mail through spamassassin, then
piping it into cyrdeliver (cyrus deliver, as renamed by the debian

This is what I'm getting in my logs occassionally:

postfix/pipe[32673]: 80E5A2190A5: to=<CHILTS at BIRDBRAINED.ORG>,
relay=procmail, delay=180430, status=bounced (data format error.
Command output: procmail: Error while writing to "/usr/sbin/cyrdeliver"
procmail: Program failure (65) of "/usr/sbin/cyrdeliver" )

So.. what makes cyrdeliver return status 65?

Chris Hilts
chilts at

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