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I was thinking of using the Murder, but from what I read, you need Cyrus >=
2.1.3 on *all* servers, which would mean I would need to upgrade the old
systems first, which, in itself, is the reason we are migrating to a new


Rob Siemborski wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, John C. Amodeo wrote:
> > I am looking for some sound advice for the following situation I'm
> > currently faced with, and I was hoping someone has some good advice to
> > give me...
> I'll let Ken answer the virtual domain parts, but I'll try to point you in
> the right direction on some other things.
> > We want this new Cyrus installation to run on an HA cluster, but for all
> > intents and purposes, we are looking to combine these 15 'virtual'
> > servers into 1 Cyrus server with virtual domain support.
> You'll want to think very carefully about how your cluster is designed if
> you're going to be sure to be consistant under all workloads.
> > One of the biggest roadblocks I've come across so far is the LDAP
> > authentication.  From what I understand, LDAP information is no longer
> > stored in the imapd.conf file.  If this is the case, I would need to
> > point SASL at the root of the LDAP server, which would create an
> > obstacle for duplicate usernames in the organization's directory
> > structure.  I am not sure if renaming user's username is a feasible
> > option at this time, but if necessary, we would be able to individualize
> > the usernames with some effort.
> The LDAP config is placed in saslauthd.conf, Its pretty flexible and
> I'm sure it should do what you need.
> > Lastly, it would seem to me the process is messy to merge the
> > mailboxes.db files from 15 Cyrus servers to 1 Cyrus server if I were to
> > copy all the data into the new mailstore, run reconstruct, etc... which
> > I would rather not do.  I'm toying around with the idea of setting up
> > some sort of IMAP Proxy, so I can install the new servers in parallel
> > and move user's mailboxes randomly with very little downtime.  Does
> > anyone have any experience with a setup like this?  Are my ideas to
> > grand given the limitations of my current setup?
> This seems to be an ideal application of the Cyrus Murder, where you have
> many backends and a single frontend (even if it does feel a bit
> heavyweight for what you're looking to do).
> You'd sort of go in reverse of the normal setup, moving from many backends
> to one, instead of from one to many, but there's no reason this can't be
> done, really..
> Once you got down to a single backend, you just remove the frontend and
> mupdate server from the system and you have your single machine.
> This is only if you want to do the upgrades over a long period of time of
> course, if you want to do the upgrade overnight, its probably better to
> just transfer the data using an IMAP client (like UW's mailutil).
> -Rob
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