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Ken Murchison ken at
Sat Jul 19 09:45:21 EDT 2003

John C. Amodeo wrote:

> Another issue that's come up is that of the actual virtual domain
> design.  In reality, we have 1 domain, but several sub domains within
> that domain that make up the different IMAP e-mail servers.  The Cyrus
> documentation suggests that you can have:
> ...but does not seem to imply you could have:
> two separate domains and have authentication and mail delivery
> work properly with this configuration.  Am I misunderstanding the design
> of the virtual domain support in 2.2.X?  Will Cyrus virtual domains work
> with what I need to do?

Are you going to continue to use virtual IP addresses?  Cyrus strips the 
first part of the FQDN as the local name and leaves the rest as the 
domain.  So if you use names like:

this will give you domains:

If this doesn't work for you and have a better way of determining the 
domain from the IP address, I'm all ears.  The most complaints that 
we've had about the virt domains code, is the domain-from-IP half.

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