Sieve writes an empty line in headers for reject/vacation

Bernhard Erdmann be at
Sat Jul 19 10:32:13 EDT 2003

> I'm not convinced that this is being caused by Cyrus.  Here a snippit of 
> the code which produces the vacation response.  As you can see, there is 
> no extra CRLF after the Message-ID (or before Date).
>     t = time(NULL);
>     p = getpid();
>     snprintf(outmsgid, sizeof(outmsgid), "<cmu-sieve-%d-%d-%d@%s>",
>          (int) p, (int) t, global_outgoing_count++, config_servername);
>     fprintf(sm, "Message-ID: %s\r\n", outmsgid);
>     rfc822date_gen(datestr, sizeof(datestr), t);
>     fprintf(sm, "Date: %s\r\n", datestr);

Hi Ken,

if datestr should begin with crlf or if outmsgid should end with crlf, 
there would be the possibility of an extra blank line.


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