Reconstruct doesn't descend into non-mailbox folders

Roland Pope rpope at
Tue Jul 22 01:09:25 EDT 2003


I am in the process of testing out the news facility in 2.2.1 Beta under
RedHat 9. I accidentally created far too many 'News' type mailboxes than I
intended to, so I thought the quickest way of tidying up would be to stop
cyrus, recursively remove the offending directories, dump the mailbox file
from skiplist to flat, edit the file to remove all the mailboxes under my
'newsprefix', and then run a recursive reconstruct.
The problem with this approach, appears to be that reconstruct doesn't
descend into directories that have no cyrus.* files. This essentially means
that I either have to create my heirachy of folders as mailboxes so that
reconstruct can descend far enough down to pick up the actual mailboxes, or
I have to write my own reconstruct script. Any reason why reconstruct stops
at non-mailbox folders?


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