vacation "days:" expiration question

Craig Graham craig at
Tue Jul 22 14:11:23 EDT 2003

The expiry is not for the vacation, but for the caching of addresses to
which a vacation message has been send; if it is 7 days and someone mails
you every day, they will only get a vacation response every 7 days. As far
as I can tell from the RFC, anyway :)

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Subject: vacation "days:" expiration question

> I have set up a couple of vacation sieve scripts which work just fine
> that they never seem to expire and must be manually disabled.
> My question is: How does sieve know when "days:" has expired? And when
> during the day does it expire? For example, if it's 5pm today and I set my
> vacation script to be "days: 1" will it expire the next day at 5pm? Or is
> this subject to other processes?

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