cyradm and spaces

joe ritter glestadt4 at
Tue Jul 22 17:50:48 EDT 2003

I know that folder names with spaces in them are RFC
1730 compliants however I have some users who like to
put mail in folders such as user.username.Study
Guides. I have noticed the cyradm does not seem to
like the folder names with spaces in them even if they
are quoted:

localhost.localdomain> renamemailbox
"user.atanzer.Hotels + Travel"
renamemailbox: Unexpected extra arguments to Rename

createmailbox "user.atanzer.Hotels + Travel"
usage: createmailbox [--partition partition] mailbox

Each time I just get the usage message. Has anyone
else seen this and were able to come up with
workaround? Thanks again

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