RENAMES while users is logged in...

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Tue Jul 22 17:00:42 EDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Scott Adkins wrote:

> The two ways that I am aware of doing this is as follows:
>   1) issue RENAME commands at the IMAP protocol level, renaming a user
>      from one partition to another
>   2) moving the IMAP directories at the UNIX level and modifying the
>      mailboxes.db file manually to reflect the changed location
> We are looking at doing the first one.  Currently, we are doing this on
> the 2.0.16 version with the mailboxes.db file in the flat file format.

You definately want to do the first one.

> So, what happens if the user is logged in?  I definitely saw the warning
> in the docs about avoiding logged in users for rename commands.  We aren't
> able to shutdown the server to do the work, so I am not exactly sure how
> we determine if a user is already logged in or how to disable a user from
> logging in while the process works.

You'll wind up locking their inbox for a substantial amount of time, which
could be confusing to them.  The worst thing that will happen is that
their mailbox will briefly appear empty, they'll restart their client, and
all will be well.

FWIW, you can tell if a user is logged in by looking at the contents of
the proc directory in the configdirectory.

> Would doing a reconstruct on the user account as the very last thing help
> solve some of the inconsistencies that might develop with the server and
> client getting out of sync?

reconstruct has nothing to do with a client's view of the mailbox.


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