accidential deletion of bulletin boards / shared folders

Bernhard Erdmann be at
Wed Jul 23 01:23:39 EDT 2003


I have some bulletin boards / shared folders on Cyrus 2.1.14, say "test" 
or "support" with ACL "anyone write" on it enabling everyone to delete 
mails in it.

Now, it is too easy for Outlook users to take the whole folder and move 
it to their INBOX. Afterwards, mail delivered to +support at 
bounces because the folder has moved to

Taking "d" away from the ACL is not a solution as nobody could delete 
any mail in the folder.

Everyone should edit the mailbox' content to his heart's content but 
nobody should be able to delete the folder.

"Managing IMAP" describes a patch for Cyrus 1.5/1.6 to look for 
"administer" rights before deleting a folder and says something like 
"should't be necessary for Cyrus 2.0".

Do you know a solution?

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