accidential deletion of bulletin boards / shared folders

Bernhard Erdmann be at
Wed Jul 23 14:34:07 EDT 2003

Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Everyone should edit the mailbox' content to his heart's content but 
>> nobody should be able to delete the folder.
> Remove the 'c' right from 'anyone'.

Hi, it works but "c" is not documented properly:

man cyradm (Cyrus 2.1.14):

            c      create (CREATE new sub-mailboxes in any  imple­
                   mentation-defined hierarchy)

An old manpage of Cyrus 2.0.9 or something says:

        c       Create and Delete mailbox (CREATE new sub-
                mailboxes, RENAME or DELETE mailbox)

Can you please correct the current manpage?

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