installing/running cyrus.

Jacob bager lister at
Fri Jul 25 05:23:02 EDT 2003

Ah fixed it... 

Didn't know what /where/how Berkeley db ... 

i remove the 4.1.25 and installed the libdb.4.0.4-devel package. 

help a lot.. :) 

Thanx anyway. 

Robert Scussel writes: 

> Do you have multiple versions of Berkeley db on your machine? 
> It might make it easier for this and other programs that link against it 
> to remove all of the berkeley versions prior to 4.1.25 if that is an 
> option. I have had multiple problems with multiple versions of berkeley on 
> the same machine. 
> Otherwise you can look at the config.log to see what what it links against 
> in there and make sure that it is in you LD_LIBRARY_PATH as Mitrana 
> suggested. 
> B 
> Jacob bager wrote:
>> So i should check my Path and recompile?
>> Robert Scussel writes: 
>>> This is an error, master will not run like this. You are somehow 
>>> compiling it against berkeley 4.1.25 then dynamically loading the 
>>> berkeley 4.0.14db libraries.
>>> I have had this when I tried to do a make install after I had already 
>>> made cyrus, but I had upgraded berkeley, or if you specify a specific 
>>> place for configure to look for the berkeley libs that is different from 
>>> your system's default location.
>>> HTH,
>>> B
>>> Jacob bager wrote: 
>>>> hi there..
>>>> I've just finished compiling/installing cyrus.
>>>> but when i testrun /usr/cyrus/bin/master
>>>> i get this in my imapd.log
>>>>     ctl_cyrusdb[14718]: checkpointing cyrus databases
>>>>     incorrect version of Berkeley db: compiled against 4.1.25, linked 
>>>> against 4.0.14db
>>>> is this an error, or just a warning ? 
>>>> Jacob Bager
>>>> developer
>> Jacob Bager
>> developer
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> Robert Scussel
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Jacob Bager

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