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Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Thu Jul 24 12:19:11 EDT 2003

People who use the Exim MTA may be interested to know the following if they want to 
deliver direct to a user mailbox other than the inbox.  Up to now I had needed to 
have the 'p' ACl for 'anyone' set on the mailbox before it would work.  Now I know 
how to get round that.

(I use a separate lmtp transport to deliver to the inbox.)

The following exim-4 transport should do the trick (assuming $local_part is the 
user's username):

  driver = pipe
  user = $local_part
  message_prifix =
  message_suffix =
  command = "/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a $local_part -m <mailbox-name> $local_part"

(You may also wish to have the log_fail_output and return_output options set.)
It will deliver to the mailbox "user.$local_part.<mailbox-name>".

The critical parts are "user = $local_part" and the "-a $local_part" option to 

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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