Newbie Cyrus Configuration

Christian Schulte cs at
Sat Jul 26 15:43:10 EDT 2003

Am Samstag, 26. Juli 2003 21:16 schrieb Norris Ward:
> Hi all,
>             I am new to cyrus imap but I can navigate my way around RedHat
> 7.3 fairly well.  I want to reconfigure my email server away from
> imap-2001. Where does cyrus-imap store it’s config files?

/etc/imapd.conf and /etc/cyrus.conf. This may differ in the distributions.
man imapd.conf and man cyrus.conf should work.

>can  cyrus read the pam_db of my system to authenticate users that already

Yes. You can use saslauthd to do so. If you do not need your PAM accounts for 
other services on the system I suggest migrating them completely to some SASL 
store. Maybe re-creating them in some mysql-database und setting up SASL to 
use auxprop mysql. Of course you will need plain-text passwords in your 
existing PAM store to be able to do so...

>Also can cyrus be configured to store users mail files in their ~home dirs?

No! The concept of cyrus is to maintain its own mail-spool making it possible 
to separate email-users from system-accounts. Sieve may lookup user scripts 
in homedirs however...


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