How to relate a mailbox with certain email address

Ana Ribas/Upcnet ana.ribas at
Wed Jul 30 05:25:18 EDT 2003


I'm running Cyrus IMAP 2.1.13 on top of Sendmail.
Mail is being delivered from Sendmail into Cyrus using an LMTP unix socket.

My users have email addresses like "firstname.lastname at"
But I use LDAP authentification with their common name "firstname lastname"
I haven't problems authenticate them, I've problems sending messages to
their address firstname.lastname at because incoming messages can't
be delivered to the mailboxes.
I always receive a returned mail telling me "Mailbox unknown. Either there
is no mailbox associated with this name or you do not have authorization to
see it."

I've tryed to create with cyradm both mailboxes "user/firstname.lastname"
and "user/firstname lastname" but anyone works.

Too, I created a virtual transport map in Sendmail to map
"firstname.lastname at" to "shortname at" and creating after
the mailbox "user/shortname"
Howerver, incoming messages can't be delivered to the mailboxes either for
the same reason.

What I must do if I need obligatorily the addresses like
"firstname.lastname at" and the usernames like "firstname lastname"?
How I can relate the mailbox with the email address and the username?

- ANNA -

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