How to relate a mailbox with certain email address

Konstantin Kunshchikov kvk at
Wed Jul 30 06:03:05 EDT 2003


>I'm running Cyrus IMAP 2.1.13 on top of Sendmail.
>Mail is being delivered from Sendmail into Cyrus using an LMTP unix socket.
>My users have email addresses like "firstname.lastname at"
>But I use LDAP authentification with their common name "firstname lastname"
>I haven't problems authenticate them, I've problems sending messages to
>their address firstname.lastname at because incoming messages can't
>be delivered to the mailboxes.
>I always receive a returned mail telling me "Mailbox unknown. Either there
>is no mailbox associated with this name or you do not have authorization to
>see it."
>I've tryed to create with cyradm both mailboxes "user/firstname.lastname"
>and "user/firstname lastname" but anyone works.

You can create mailboxes with usernames without spaces for simplicity.

>Too, I created a virtual transport map in Sendmail to map
>"firstname.lastname at" to "shortname at" and creating after
>the mailbox "user/shortname"
>Howerver, incoming messages can't be delivered to the mailboxes either for
>the same reason.
>What I must do if I need obligatorily the addresses like
>"firstname.lastname at" and the usernames like "firstname lastname"?
>How I can relate the mailbox with the email address and the username?

Use aliases in sendmail and in case of LDAP put aliases into LDAP server.


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