plus addressing issues (puremessage followup question)

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Sat Dec 13 09:58:23 EST 2003

have you played with the OperatorChars option in sendmail ?
by default it contains the "+" separator :
O OperatorChars=.:%@!^/[]+
try to remove it ...

Paul Schiro a écrit :

>No dice.  Didn't break anything, but didn't fix the issue either.
>Good suggestions though, thanks!  I guess we'll just have to continue
>handling quarantine manually....
>Paul Schiro
>Sr. Systems Engineer
>American Select
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>>On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 tallison at wrote:
>>>>So does anyone in the group have any suggestions for completely
>>>>disabling plus address handling in the cyrusv2 mailer, or anything
>>>>else that might alleviate my puremessage quarantine release woes?  I
>>>>do _not_ need user+mailbox at functionality, or
>>>>user+shared at or any of that to work.  We don't use that
>>>>stuff at all and never plan to.  I just would like sendmail to be able
>>>>to handle plus addresses as though it was using a typical delivery
>>>>agent.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>>>>Paul Schiro
>>>>Sr. Systems Engineer
>>>>American Select
>>>><paul at>
>>>Probably not an answer at all, but...
>>>if you were using postfix instead of sendmail I would be able to tell
>>>you that you can disable the delimiter '+' in the configuration files of
>>>the postfix application.
>>>Since you are not using postfix, I can only suggest that you might look
>>>at disabling the delimiter in the sendmail application.  That will force
>>>the address username+foo at domain.tld to be rejected rather than processed
>>>to username at domain.tld.
>>  I think you want to look at turning off "preserve_local_plus_detail" in
>>your sendmail configuration.  See:
>>for details.  I would strongly recommend testing this before using it in
>>production, since I'm not sure what else turning this off will do.
>>  A line like:
>>after the line that defines cyrus2 as your local mailer in your mc file
>>certainly seems to take out plussed-user support.
>>  Hope this helps, but if it eats all of your email and causes your server
>>to disapparate, my employer and I are not liable. :)
>>Andrew Caird

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