lmtp access denied issue

James A. Pattie james at pcxperience.com
Mon Dec 22 11:12:21 EST 2003

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James A. Pattie wrote:
| James Pattie wrote:
| | Hi guys,
| |
| |     Twice now in the last 3 days I've had sendmail stop being able to
| | deliver
| | e-mails to cyrus via the unix lmtp mechanism.
| |
| |     I'm on Debian testing, with sendmail 8.12.9-5, cyrus21 2.1.14-1
| | packages.
| |
| |     The other day I found that the /var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp socket had
| | become
| | owned by root.root.  When I changed it to cyrus.mail then mail started
| | flowing
| | again.  Today, the same thing is happening, except when I re-changed the
| | permissions mail is still not flowing.  If I manually set the
| | permissions to be
| | cyrus.mail and then restart cyrus, a couple seconds after cyrus comes
| | back up
| | the permissions flop back to root.root.
| |
| |     Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening and how to solve
| | this issue
| | permanently?
| |
| |     I've double checked all the socket definitions in sendmail.mc and
| | cyrus.conf to
| | make sure that they are all pointing to the right locations.  cyrus is
| the
| | trusted user in sendmail (if that helps).
| |
| |
| |     Thanks,
| The issue has come back.  Doing a netstat doesn't show the socket being
| listened
| on, though the notifyd socket does show up.
| I enabled Debugging for lmtpd and had it do an strace and this is what
| is captured:

weird thing.  A couple minutes after I sent this e-mail, it started accepting
connections and now shows up in netstat.  I turned off the debug info and
restarted and it started working almost immediately.  This issue seems to
manifest itself only over the weekends and then not every weekend.  I've checked
and there doesn't seem to be any cronjobs being fired off related to sendmail or
cyrus that should be causing an issue.  All other parts of sendmail and cyrus
are working correctly, just the lmtpd is having problems.

The initial issue I thought with the permissions doesn't seem to actually be the
cause, since the socket has perms 777 and the directory is owned by cyrus.mail,
so sendmail should have permissions to get in and work with the socket.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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