Mailbox hierarchy separator for MUPDATE ?

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Mon Dec 1 15:13:47 EST 2003


I have unixhierarchysep: yes setted on my mupdate master server.  When I
try :

<1070309509<try FIND "user/test123"
>1070309509>try OK "Search completed"

But it work with '.' as the separator :

<1070309494<try FIND "user.test123"
>1070309494>try MAILBOX {12+}
user.test123 {15+}
backend1!part01 {18+}
test123 lrswipcda       
try OK "Search completed"
>1070309494>* BYE "Connection reset by peer"

What I conclude is that the '.' is always the hierarchy separator,
whatever the value of unixhierarchysep is.  If this is true, does that
mean that it is not legal to have mailbox name with '.' in them in Cyrus
Murder ?

Thank you very much,

Etienne Goyer                    Linux Québec Technologies Inc.       etienne.goyer at

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