Mailbox hierarchy separator for MUPDATE ?

Christian Schulte cs at
Mon Dec 1 15:56:45 EST 2003

Etienne Goyer schrieb:
 > Hi,
 > What I conclude is that the '.' is always the hierarchy separator,
 > whatever the value of unixhierarchysep is.  If this is true, does that
 > mean that it is not legal to have mailbox name with '.' in them in
 > Cyrus Murder ?

No! This is possible.

 From doc/altnamespace.html:

When the UNIX hierarchy convention is used, the "." character MAY be 
used in mailbox names, including user names. In order to maintain 
backwards compatibility with the internal namespace, all "." characters 
are translated to a benign character (currently "^") before any data is 
stored to disk. For example, if user "elmer.fudd" had a personal 
"rabbit.holes" mailbox, it would be stored as 
"user.elmer^fud.rabbit^holes" in the internal namespace. It is important 
to remember this phenomenon if/when reverting back to the netnews 
hierarchy convention.

Do you have altnamespace set also ? Would that change anything for you 
turning it on/off ? Keep in mind that in a murder, all single 
installations have to have the same settings for unixhierarchysep and 
altnamespace. You cannot set unixhierarchysep: no on the backend but yes 
on mupdate-master or the frontend.


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