Large cyrus install surver

sjh at sjh at
Tue Dec 2 18:40:08 EST 2003


I'm looking at setting up IMAP servers for a mid-sized (2,000-3,000)
company with several sites around the world.  I've run Cyrus myself
for years, and I'm very happy with it.   But, I'd like to collect some
configurations from people with large scale installations (CMU does
not count :).

If people will email me their info, I'll make a little web page, and
post the results here so that others can benefit as well.

Send me:

The version(s) of Cyrus you are running

The specs of the servers you have (cpu,mem,disk,os, etc)

How many accounts on each server.

The average and peak number of users on each server at a time

The average and peak number of messages in a folder for your users
 (go ahead and estimate here...)

Are you using murder?  If so, describe your proxies and mupdate server.

Any random thoughts you have.  Would you pick Cyrus if you were free
to start over right now? etc.

What info about you (firstname, lastname, email, organization) is it ok
for me to list with your info. (none at all is fine, and that's what I'll
assume if you don't say otherwise)

email your info to sjh at



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