Large cyrus install surver

Pascal Loic Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Wed Dec 3 08:50:46 EST 2003

Zitat von sjh at

> Hi,
> I'm looking at setting up IMAP servers for a mid-sized (2,000-3,000)
> company with several sites around the world.  I've run Cyrus myself
> for years, and I'm very happy with it.   But, I'd like to collect
> some
> configurations from people with large scale installations (CMU does
> not count :).

Ok here it goes...

> The version(s) of Cyrus you are running

Cyrus IMAP 2.1.12

> The specs of the servers you have (cpu,mem,disk,os, etc)

Dual-Xeon 2,8 GHz, 4GB RAM, 1 TB FiberChannel RAID/SAN, 2 FC-Cards
(QLOGIC 2300)
OS: Linux 2.4.20, FC Driver: qla2300.o with failover option, automatic
switchover to working FiberChannel path in case of failure of primary
SAN switch
Filesystem: SGI XFS 1.2.0 with quota enabled.
Cyrus mail store partition: 700 Gigabytes
Cyrus IMAP is here part of the Priscilla Software Package (complete
integration Postfix, Cyrus, automatic vacation replies and LDAP). All
maintenance is done via
LDAP (quotas I am on my way to write a web site with this
package for others to deploy it.
Webmail (on a different machine): IMP 3.2.1, communicates via IMAPv4 and

No crashes or problems since start of this project. We moved from Sun
iPlanet to Cyrus and I wrote some daemons and programs to form an LDAP
based package.

The mail machine(s) are part of a mail DMZ. We have 2 front bastion mail
servers for in/output (postfix), 2 virus scanning machines
(postfix/amavis) and the Cyrus IMAP server. Load is highest on the virus
scanners due to their CPU-intensive tasks.

Next step is integration to a HA environment using Linux-HA project
(heartbeat with a second machine with the same configuration.

> How many accounts on each server.

Approx 11000 (in LDAP tree).

> The average and peak number of users on each server at a time

Running imapd processes: approx 300. Running pop3d processes: approx 20.

> The average and peak number of messages in a folder for your users
>  (go ahead and estimate here...)

Max folder: one of my folders with 31000 messages in it. We have
1,5 million message files and 30000 folders, so the average is approx
50 files per folder.
People are largely using IMP webmail resulting in many imapd logons and

> Are you using murder?  If so, describe your proxies and mupdate
> server.


> Any random thoughts you have.  Would you pick Cyrus if you were free
> to start over right now? etc.

Yes, absolutely.

> What info about you (firstname, lastname, email, organization) is it
> ok
> for me to list with your info. (none at all is fine, and that's what
> I'll
> assume if you don't say otherwise)

Pascal, Gienger, Pascal.Gienger at, University of Konstanz,
South Germany.

I am not constantly employed at the computing centre, it is a project
based work so because it works so flawlessly I am getting unemployed
soon, searching for the next project.


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