Large cyrus install surver

Ian G Batten I.G.Batten at
Thu Dec 4 05:15:26 EST 2003

We've not upgraded for ages, and we must do so.  But this should set an
interesting lower floor on the amount of hardware you need.

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003, sjh at wrote:
> The version(s) of Cyrus you are running


> The specs of the servers you have (cpu,mem,disk,os, etc)

Sun Ultra 2, Solaris 7, 2x167MHz processors, 1.5GBytes RAM, two
Fast/Wide SCSI controllers, 200GBytes of usable disk built from a mess
of RAID 0+1 resulting from filesystem growth over the years:

d18 -m d28 d38 -g 1
d28 3 2 c1t3d0s3 c1t4d0s3 -i 32b \
         2 c1t5d0s3 c1t6d0s3 -i 32b \
         4 c1t9d0s1 c1t10d0s1 c1t11d0s1 c1t12d0s1 -i 32b
d38 3 2 c2t1d0s3 c2t2d0s3 -i 32b \
         2 c2t3d0s3 c2t4d0s3 -i 32b \
         4 c2t9d0s1 c2t10d0s1 c2t11d0s1 c2t12d0s1 -i 32b

> How many accounts on each server.

~500 active

> The average and peak number of users on each server at a time

As of this minute 473 (load average 0.16, 0.25, 0.26), average about 400
during the day.  Load average never seen to go even close to 1.

> The average and peak number of messages in a folder for your users
>  (go ahead and estimate here...)

Pass.  But plenty of people have well in excess of 1000 in a single

> Are you using murder?  If so, describe your proxies and mupdate server.



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