Authenticate Cyrus off active directory

Alain Williams addw at
Wed Dec 3 09:36:51 EST 2003


I am seeking advice on how to authenticate Cyrus off a Microsoft Active directory server.
The users will not have Linux accounts, I don't want to modify AD at all - the only Linux
is the web mail, so I don't want to insert the extra (unix) fields into the database.

I have saslauthd currently working off pam.
I don't mind if I authenticate using kerberos or ldap - whatever works.

I am running Cyrus and Sasl 2.1.15 on top of SuSE Linux (enterprise server 8).
Uses will (mainly) access cyrus via horde/imp webmail.

Can anyone give a simple HOWTO for this ?

Many thanks.

Alain Williams

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