More detail needed in logs for pop

Brian K. Becknell beck at
Thu Dec 4 10:49:03 EST 2003

Thanks Rob and Ken...
  I played with the telemetry logs a while back with no success. it was a
permission problem. it works now.
   I was hoping to find something in between full telemetry logs and what
syslog gives. I just need what filenames were involved and what was
done per sessions. Don't need the actual message.
   We used the old logs to debug what happened in the past not what is
currently happening. To do that we will have to keep telemetry logs for
every user and then manage that space.
   Thanks for your time and effort. Cyrus has worked flawless for us,
thought I am still learning the in's and out's.

thanks again.


> On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Brian K. Becknell wrote:
>> Good Morning...
>>   before the upgrade to cyrus, I had very detailed log information
>> about a
>> pop session. I had login/logout, message id's that were pop'ed,
>> message id's that were deleted... basically everything about the
>> connection for a user was available.
>>   I cannot figure out if that level of detail is available with cyrus.
>> here is my syslog.conf
>> local6.emerg;local6.alert;local6.crit;local6.err;local6.warning;local6.notice;;local6.debug
>>  /var/adm/mail/imap
>>  this only gives me
>>     local6.debug: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/pop3d
>>     local6.notice: login:   blah
>>     local6.debug: accepted connection
>>   There are times i need this level of detail to debug user problems.
>>   Any ideas??
> That level of detail won't be put out to syslog, but it would be
> available via the telemetry log (create a directory in /var/imap/log for
> the user you care about, and make it writable by cyrus).
> -Rob
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