Cyrus Authentication problems

Doug Koobs dkoobs at
Thu Dec 4 14:44:10 EST 2003

I've set up a Cyrus IMAP server (on RH9), and it's working great. However, I
didn't document the process of adding users/mailboxes, and know when I try
to add someone, they can't authenticate. I don't have a good understanding
of how authentication works in Cyrus, but here are (I think) relevant
entries in my /etc/imapd.conf file:

sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN

IIRC, all I did initially to add users was add a user to /etc/passwd, and
use saslpasswd -c, and then use cyradm to create the mailbox. However, when
I do that now, and test using imtest, I get an error:

S: L01 NO Login failed: authentication failure
Authentication failed. generic failure

sasldblistusers only lists the user the user I just created, and none of the
working users. So I guess that I'm not using sasldb. 
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Doug Koobs
Computer Analyst
Financial Credit Services

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