Cyrus Authentication problems

Doug Koobs dkoobs at
Fri Dec 5 10:12:45 EST 2003

> Is saslauthd running, and if so, with which option(s)?  It might be
> easier to forget about imtest and make sure that saslauthd is happy
> first by using the testsaslauthd program?  Once this is working, then
> you can move on to imtest.

Keep in mind that authentication is working for all existing users. I am
only having problems with new users that I add. I don't seem to have the
testsaslauthd program, but ps shows 4 lines like this:

root      2008  0.0  0.1  2264  392 ?        S    Nov07   0:34
/usr/sbin/saslauthd -m /var/run/saslauthd/mux -a shadow

and users can authenticate, so authentication is working properly. I must be
doing something wrong when I set up new mailboxes and accounts...


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