problem sending mail to shared mailbox

Erik Myllymaki erik.myllymaki at
Fri Dec 5 12:34:50 EST 2003

> Erik Myllymaki schrieb:
> > I created a shared mailbox but I cannot send mail to it.
> > 
> > I get bblist1 at 550 Unknown User?
> Is this a message from the MTA or from lmtpd ?
> > 
> > cyradm>cm bblist1
> If you are using 2.2 this will create a shared folder in the 
> defaultdomain which then does not seem to be So in 2.2 you 
> would have to "cm bblist1 at" for it to work.

my initial post escaped on me before I could finish. 

I am running v2.1.16 - but I think upgrading to v2.2 will happen shortly...

It is an error from Exim.

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