Audit logs of mailbox access

Michael F. Sprague mfs at
Sat Dec 6 02:10:44 EST 2003

I'm new to cyrus but what about the following suggestions:

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan <ramprasad at> wrote:
> 1) A mail reaches a mailbox

You can get this from the MTA logs.

> 2) The mail is marked read

This info should be in the seen db for each user, but it may not be 
trivial to match up an entry to a particular message.  (anyone got a good 
description of the format of the seen db or flat file?).

> 3) The mail is marked deleted

Ah, this one stumps me, but it may be in the seen db too.  I don't recall cyrus
'logging' this info anywhere.  But again, I'm still learning cyrus so I may have
missed this.

Also, one could create a file/dir on the proc directory and get a record of
the IMAP dialogue for each user but that would eat up a lot of disk space
really fast.


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